Du 06/05/2020 au 30/06/2020

The European IP Helpdesk had published a new guide which outlines the basic steps you should take in terms of IP management before expanding your business abroad.

Taking your business international can be quite challenging and may entail a number of risks, especially for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). It may be intimidating to properly address all relevant financial and regulatory aspects linked to such a step, while at the same time reaching out to potential business partners abroad.

Before venturing into foreign markets, it is vital that you protect the Intellectual Property (IP) assets such as patents, know-how, trademarks or designs that are at the core of your company. IP incentivises innovation and will become particularly relevant to you as you internationalise your business. The loss of business, revenue, reputation and competitive advantage caused by IP infringement would affect you both in your original and in your export markets, while an inadequate protection of your creations would definitely jeopardise your business. However, proper market analysis and adopting a suitable IP strategy will ease your access to finance, helping you increase your revenues and overall visibility.

The 23-page guide can be found at