2005 TII Summer School

From 12 Sep 2005 to 16 Sep 2005

Location : Bologna (I)

Organised by TII in collaboration with the ILO "UETP ALMA MATER" Universitá di Bologna.

Bologna is the capital of the region of Emilia-Romagna, and is well-known for its architecture, culture and rich gastronomy. Our host on this occasion was the University of Bologna, recognised as the oldest university in the western world, where many famous scientists and humanists taught


The topics covered in this programme include:


  • Creative Negotiation Technique – the problem-solving approach
  • Analysing the Early Development of High-Tech Start-ups
  • Assessing Commercial Potential in Early-Stage Technologies
  • Building Success in International Project Management
  • Creating Value from Multi- Partner Research Collaborations
2005 TII Summer School



2005 Summer School

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