Globalization of Technology Transfer

From 05 May 2013 to 10 May 2013

Location : Beijing, China

TII's 2013 annual conference aims to rally European groups of technology transfer professionals around a number of hot issues to promote international best practice in technology transfer and initiate partnerships with Chinese counterparts.


The conference will offer an attractive mix of

  • Site visits to leading knowledge providers and technology transfer organizations
  • The association’s annual business meetings
  • Plenary session on international trends in innovation and product design
  • Parallel session on collaboration between China and the EU
  • Parallel session on good practice and standards in international technology transfer
  • Preparatory meeting for the forthcoming EU Mission for Growth to China in July 2013
  • Cultural/sightseeing activities, e.g. Forbidden City, Great Wall, Tomb of Ming Dynasty

We are planning the event in collaboration with the Enterprise Europe Network so that the audience can also benefit from the first-hand experience of network members doing technology transfer business between Europe and China. Global competition, R&D dispersal and low cost manufacturing have created a huge demand for design and creativity. This theme will be highlighted by speakers from leading companies and institutions in the plenary session of the conference. Expert presentations, formal seminars and informal workshops will address specialist topics relevant to the process of technology transfer and high tech trade. Each session will include speakers and presenters from Europe and China.



The call for contributions is now closed, but we still have a number of speaking slots available in the sessions concerning

  • Success factors within the Enterprise Europe Network
  • Internationalization
  • Open Innovation

Interested presenters should contact the TII Secretary General Christine Robinson at without delay.



In order to benefit from the full programme, including site visits and the sightseeing activities, you should reserve one full week for the conference in your agenda, inclusive of travel time. Flights from Europe’s main airports to Beijing cost in the region of EUR 600-700. A list of hotels offering special rates for the conference is available on the conference page under logistical information.



The conference fee charged to TII members and Enterprise Europe Network staff is EUR 350, which covers refreshments, lunch and dinner as well as transportation during the conference, sightseeing activities and interpreters. The fee for other delegates is EUR 550 (this includes an individual membership of TII throughout 2013). Accompanying guests pay EUR 200 (includes evening meals and sightseeing activities).

Note for Enterprise Europe Network staff: As the conference is an EACI approved event, travel costs and 2 nights hotel accommodation may be considered as eligible reimbursable expenses. The conference fee for those Enterprise Europe Network organisations which are not members of TII is also a reimbursable expense. Those interested in taking advantage of one of the 10 funded travel places to the 2013 China Shanghai International Technology Fair on 8-10 May, hosted by Shanghai Technology Transfer Exchange, should contact Jasper Hemmes of Syntens (NL) at  or Tel. +31 622 808 785

Globalization of Technology Transfer


Logistical information



6 May - AM Session TII - Christine Robinson

6 May - AM Session TII - Gordon Ollivere

6 May - PM Session EEN - Agnieszka Turynska

6 May - PM Session EEN - Jasper Hemmes

6 May - PM Session EEN - Mantas Vilys

7 May - AM Plenary Session - Andy Zynga

7 May - AM Plenary Session - Hongxin Tan

7 May - AM Plenary Session - Maggie Gorse

7 May - AM Plenary Session - Ning Chen

7 May - PM Plenary Session - Akash Bhavsar

7 May - PM Plenary Session - Julia Roelofsen

7 May - PM Plenary Session - Simon Poulsen

7 May - PM Plenary Session - Weidong Fu

7 May - PM Plenary Session - Xiuying Zhang

8 May - EEN Workshop - Fenghai Zhang

8 May - EEN Workshop - Ling Zhu

8 May - EEN Workshop - Mission4Growth

8 May - EEN Workshop - Rene De Groot

8 May - Innowater Workshop - Arjan De Bruin

8 May - Innowater Workshop - China Investornet

8 May - Innowater Workshop - Palle Lindgaard-Joergensen

8 May - Internationalization - Beata Suwala

8 May - Internationalization - Gordon Ollivere

8 May - Internationalization - Richard Deng

8 May - Internationalization - Tom Duke

8 May - Internationalization - Yiannis Geragotellis

8 May - Open Innovation - Arjan De Bruin

8 May - Open Innovation - Bruno Woeran

8 May - Open Innovation - Koen Verhaert

8 May - Open Innovation - Patricia Quiroz

8 May - Open Innovation - Renata Novakova

8 May - Science2Business - Carlos Cerqueira

8 May - Science2Business - Christoph Koeller

8 May - Science2Business - Kun Hu

8 May - Science2Business - Sonia Sagrista


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