Past Events

2019 Summer School

From 26 Aug 2019 to 29 Aug 2019

Location : Amersfoort, Netherlands

The 2019 summer school is being organised in collaboration with ASTP and hosted by Hogeschool Utrecht in the beautiful Dutch city of Amersfoort.

TII China Chapter Summer School

From 18 Sep 2018 to 21 Sep 2018

Location : Zhengzhou, China

A 5-day training and business opportunity forum to create bridges between Chinese and overseas technology transfer professionals. The week will comprise 1 day of Chinese R&D&I policy and practitioner insiights, 2 days of training in TT methodologies

Joint TII/ASTP-Proton Summer School

From 27 Aug 2018 to 30 Aug 2018

Location : Venice, Italy

4-Day Skills Development Course for Capturing and Optimizing Research Business Opportunities

2017 TII Training School

From 02 Oct 2017 to 06 Oct 2017

Location : Lyon/Villeurbanne, France

A unique week-long skills development course for capturing and optimizing research business opportunities, delivered by international experts and enriched by first-hand case study material. Special SUMMER RATE of €950 available until 10 September!

Technology Transfer Training and R&D&I Site Visits

From 03 Oct 2016 to 07 Oct 2016

Location : Rennes, France

A new week-long programme of technology transfer training and site visits to R&D&I centres in the agri-food sector will be organised in the early autumn under the auspices of the FP7 SUAFRI-EPC project.

Technology Transfer Training and R&D&I Site Visits

From 04 Jul 2016 to 08 Jul 2016

Location : Coimbra, Portugal

Join the technology transfer training course and innovation tour of leading R&D&I centres in the Coimbra region. Fee for TII members: EUR 200. See programme for more details.

Technology Transfer Training & R&D&I Site Visits

From 05 Oct 2015 to 09 Oct 2015

Location : Bologna and Milan, Italy

This autumn TII is organising a week of TT training and presentations of leading R&D&I centres in the agri-food sector in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. The event includes a one-day visit to Expo Milano. Registration open.

Skills Development Course for TT Professionals

From 29 Jun 2015 to 03 Jul 2015

Location : Heraklion, Crete

TII's 2015 Summer School is being organised under the aegis of the EU-funded SECURE-R2I project, in collaboration with TEI Crete. Programme now available and registration open.

Technology Transfer Training

From 29 Sep 2014 to 03 Oct 2014

Location : Aarhus, Denmark

TII is organising this autumn a 5-day skills development course on research commercialisation and research-industry interaction, under the aegis of the FP7 funded INCO project SUAFRI-EPC. SOLD OUT! NEXT TRAINING OPPORTUNITY JUNE 2015.


From 02 Jun 2014 to 06 Jun 2014

Location : Tallinn, Estonia

This year's skills development course for the TT and innovation support professions will be held under the aegis of the EU-funded SECURE-R2I project. Programme now available!

2013 TII Summer School

From 09 Sep 2013 to 13 Sep 2013

Location : Split, Croatia

TII's 5-day skills development course for the technology transfer and innovation support professions is being organised this September in collaboration with the Technology Transfer Office of the University of Split. The full programme is now on-line.

2012 TII Summer School

From 10 Sep 2012 to 14 Sep 2012

Location : Cracow, Poland

The 2012 edition of the TII summer school is being held in collaboration with Cracow University of Economics at their campus in the town centre. This year's programme contains 3 completely new sessions...

2011 TII Summer School

From 05 Sep 2011 to 09 Sep 2011

Location : Coimbra (P)

The TII Summer School organised in collaboration with the Instituto Pedro Nunes will be held from 5 to 9 September 2011 in Coimbra (P).

2010 TII Summer School

From 06 Sep 2010 to 10 Sep 2010

Location : Vilnius (LT)

The association's 2010 Summer School was held from 6 to 10 September in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, hosted by the Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LIC).

2009 TII Summer School

From 07 Sep 2009 to 11 Sep 2009

Location : Ljubljana (SLO)

Organised by TII in collaboration with Joseph Stefan Institute, EEN and ISPIM.

2008 TII Summer School

From 15 Sep 2008 to 19 Sep 2008

Location : Volterra (I)

The 2008 Summer School was held in the Scuela Internazionale di Alta Formazione - SIAF

2007 TII Summer School

From 17 Sep 2007 to 21 Sep 2007

Location : Larnaca (CY)

Organised by TII in collaboration with the Cyprus Institute of Technology and the IRC Cyprus

2006 TII Summer School

From 11 Sep 2006 to 15 Sep 2006

Location : Szeged (H)

organised by TII in collaboration with Laser Consult.

2005 TII Summer School

From 12 Sep 2005 to 16 Sep 2005

Location : Bologna (I)

Organised by TII in collaboration with the ILO "UETP ALMA MATER" Universitá di Bologna.